Sunday, September 6, 2015

AZ SoS Michele Reagan wants redistricting plan voided

Some might think that SoS stands for Secretary of State. Technically that is true. But others, after reading the target article in the Daily Star/, might come up with a different interpretation of "SoS." For example, back in the day, way back, in Junior High cafeteria, we encountered a liquid usually served on soggy bread to which we applied the label "SoS." Politely put, "SoS" meant a shingle covered with excrement.

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has weighed in against map drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission in 2010. In doing so, she has joined fellow GOPlins trying to use gerrymandering to keep Republicans in power. The Daily Star article lays out the stakes.

If Reagan and the Republicans get the court to side with them, that would force the five-member panel to start over again. And that likely would mean remapping the entire state.

Whether that could happen in time for the 2016 election remains unclear: The justices may not rule on the case until the spring, long after candidates will have filed to run in the August primary.

Whatever the effective date, if the commission is forced to realign the districts, that could pave the way to even larger Republican majorities than the 17-13 they have in the Senate and the 36-24 edge in the House.

So our chief elections officer is on board with gerrymandering as a method for conducting elections. For that, I award her the alternative sense of "SoS." She has hung out a shingle with "S" all over it.

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