Monday, September 28, 2015

David Fitzsimmons asks "What if men could get pregnant?"

In case you missed it. Fitz answers the question.

This is Brian Cronkite of CNN and I’m standing outside the Capitol, where the 2024 Congress just voted to defund Planned Parenthood for the 247th time. Millions of men are here today, marching in a massive protest against this attempt.

Since men gained the ability to become pregnant, the dynamics of the debate have shifted dramatically. In spite of extensive research into what was "in the water" in 2021, the cause of men developing uteruses remains a mystery.

Since men have become pregnant, there have been ballot initiatives to make abortions free, to make morning-after pills available like Skittles and to force pharmaceutical firms to develop bacon-flavored birth-control pills.

The inventor of man-pons is richer than Bill Gates, breastfeeding in public is encouraged, applauded and celebrated, and Midol is available in sporting-goods stores. At a pro-choice rally a man who suggested that "maybe men should try keeping it in their pants" was nearly beaten to death by a horde of pregnant men armed with diaper bags.

Let’s talk to one of the protesters opposed to today’s congressional action. ...

See Fitz's column for the interview.

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