Saturday, September 5, 2015

Diane Douglas' double troubles

Voters don't like what the Superintendent of Public Instruction is doing (or not doing) and, finally, are realizing that AZ school funding is the pits. Here are stories about a recent poll from KJZZ and 12News. Following are snippets from Brahm Resnik at 12News.

A survey released Friday by MBQF Consulting shows 54 percent of voters say she's doing a below-average or poor job vs. just 12 percent who say she's doing an above-average or excellent job.

In an ominous sign for Douglas' recall prospects, 46 percent of voters surveyed said they would sign a recall petition vs. 28 percent who said they wouldn't.

The poll surveyed so-called "high efficacy" voters -- those who cast ballots in three or all four of the last four primary or general elections. Those tend to be voters who pay more attention to politics than the typical voters and who form their party's base.

"It's shocking," said pollster Mike Noble, who has no stake in the issue. "She only has 12 percent approval. Even her base isn't there."

But Douglas' lousy ratings do not in themselves indicate a successful recall.

Despite the rosy poll numbers, the recall campaign is taking on an unprecedented task: collecting 3,500 signatures per day statewide in just 120 days. Typically, political campaigns use paid petition gatherers. It's unheard of for a campaign to have to collect so many signatures in such a short time.

Noble said the recall campaign won't succeed with volunteers..

"Unless they have major funding -- absolutely not," he said. "I just don't see how you get it done."

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