Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ducey and DeWit feud over school funding scheme heats up

State Treasurer DeWit claims that Guv Doozey won't be in the same room. Despite denials from the Doozey Nooze Ooze, Daniel Scarpinato, it appears to your Scriber that DeWit's claim has merit. Here is the story from Yvonne Wingett Sanchez at

Ducey spokesman Daniel Scarpinato told The Republic Ducey nor his staffers requested DeWit be removed or asked to leave to prevent the two elected officials from coming face-to-face with each other.

But even before the event, the Treasurer's Office told the newspaper that an event organizer told treasury officials she had been asked to ensure DeWit and Ducey weren't at the event at the same time.

In an e-mail to the newspaper, DeWit spokesman Sean Dollman described the lengths the group took to prevent such an encounter. Dollman wrote he asked an organizer why DeWit was being asked to change his attendance time and was told "... the Governors office requested that the treasurer not be there when the Governor planned to attend between 7-730. When I asked who requested this I was told the Governor's staff."

Dollman wrote in his e-mail to the newspaper the organizer didn't know why the request was made, "...but she was just told the governor did not want to be there when the treasurer was there."

Reminder: the feud is about Dicey Ducey's plan to raid the land trust to get some portion of the money due K-12 education. DeWit accurately pointed out that the plan short-changes schools in the long run. And that challenge brought out Dicey Ducey's demons. If you take issue with Doozey's policies, you are treated as an enemy. Triggers memories of Tricky Dick, does it not.

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