Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fun with social media: #FreeKimDavis hijacked by parodists

It is possible to find humor in most things - even the case of the KY county clerk. For example (from TalkingPointsMemo):

Soon after Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was arrested for refusing to issue marriage licenses, supporters created the [Twitter] hashtag #FreeKimDavis to push for her release. Soon after that, her detractors hijacked the hashtag to do just the opposite.

Here are a few examples of those tweets.

"She's like Rosa Parks if Rosa Parks was a bus driver who wouldn't let white people get on her bus and she crashed 3 busses"
"how is she going to find a 5th husband if all of the good guys marry each other???"
"because using #ReligiousLiberty to deny service is an American institution!"

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