Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Message to ACC Commissioners: Do the job!

And that is from the Editorial Board at The Republic/azcentral.com.

To be sure, the Board accurately pegs the plaintiff ("Checks and Balances") as a liberal-leaning group funded by their own dark sources. But the Board does cut through the B. S. and bluster and identifies the real problem: the Commissioners are tainted by their own actions. For example, Susan Bitter Smith actually holds three jobs and two of them are in private groups that have a stake in the solar vs. fossil fuel fight. So the appearance, or reality, of improper associations and voting patterns that serve utilities more than consumers persists because the behaviors of the Commission itself. The Board concludes:

The state’s Corporation Commission, in fact, is caught in a very hot war between the solar industry and the state’s traditional power companies, especially APS. This is a battle much bigger than five Republican office-holders in Arizona.

That is the reality of our 21st-century energy-source wars. The Arizona Corporation Commission has a vital role to play in that struggle, but in order to fight right, they must rise far above the fray.

And that is the problem. They haven’t.

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