Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New GOP rallying cry: Defund the Truth!

EJ Montini at The Republic/ says what most of us already know: the main victim in the Planned Parenthood defunding ruckus is the truth.

The only thing that has been defunded in the Planned Parenthood debate is the truth.

Should we start with the money, the wild, false claims or the unnecessary government actions?

My favorite is the false claim about PP funding being wasteful. GOPlins haul that one out when they can't think of anything else. Read EJ's column for more.

... those pushing to defund Planned Parenthood speak of the funding the organization receives as a waste of money.

They might want to check first with the Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisan research operation that provides lawmakers with unbiased information.

It issued a report this month saying that defunding the organization would end up costing taxpayers $130 million over the next 10 years while at the same time causing as many as 630,000 Planned Parenthood patients to lose access to birth control, STD screening, and other reproductive services.

I understand any person’s honest opposition to abortion.

But how do you skew or completely distort the facts, create knowingly unnecessary regulations and fudge the budgetary math and still claim the moral high ground?

Scriber's answer: the same way the right-to-lifers shoot doctors and vandalize clinics and intimidate clients.

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