Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republicans' panic over Trump's ascendancy: Club for Growth rolls out million dollar attack ads

Finally, conservatives are taking the field against the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. Here's a report at Ring of Fire.

Club for Growth, a Washington-based group that supports conservative economic policies, is fed up with Donald Trump’s rise among the GOP base. In fact, it’s terrified. Why? Because they believe he is a liberal in GOP clothing, and want to expose him.

We all should be terrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency, but not because he is a closet liberal. Consider instead his lack of substance covered by his negative emotional, racist appeals to the right-wing Republican base.

"[Donald’s] the worst kind of politician – he says anything to get elected and will do just the opposite once he’s in office," said David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth.

Club for Growth Action, the group’s political arm, announced today that it will launch a $1 million ad campaign in Iowa to prove to Republican voters that Trump is not one of them.

The campaign is launching two ads. The first asks voters, "Which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care, and the Wall Street bailout?" After showing images of Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the ad plays a clip of Trump saying, "In many cases, I probably identify more as a Democrat."

The second ad focuses on the issue of eminent domain, charging that "Trump supports eminent domain abuse because he can make millions while we lose our property rights."

I expect that this is just the start of the negative ads should Trump's popularity with GOP voters continue. Check out the ads with the links in the target article.

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