Monday, September 28, 2015

Taking America Back ... in time

America is increasingly looking like ... itself. Not in 2015. But in 1970. Even 1934. In 1915. 1865. 1744.

This essay originally published a couple of years ago, complete with supporting data, is from the Daily Kos Recommended email list. The essay is a good read for its background on these trends.

  • Economic inequality at an all-time high
  • The demise of labor unions
  • Mass incarceration and the modern version of convict leasing (aka slavery)
  • Imprisonment of mentally ill
  • Return of monopolies
  • Welcoming of preventable diseases previously eradicated
  • Gilded age politics
  • Endless war - about modern bananas (oil)

In one way or another, all this is driven by corporate profit, conservative politics, or the religious right. The Pope should shed tears. Even he cannot put a dent in America's decline.

We really were headed back in time on a journey of 40 years. Now that we've arrived think of Donald Trump and the GOP as representatives of the status quo. See the related post that immediately follows.

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