Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trumpbone update: How The Donald is playing the GOP for chumps

AZBlueMeanie at B4AZ has some choice words about Trump signing the loyalty pledge. Even the loyal opposition (commenter "Steve") has doubts about Trump following through on it.

But the best of the articles on Trump and the pledge so far (IMHO) is from Politico Magazine which earns a quote or two.

They still haven’t figured out Donald Trump.
GOP leaders thought they’d outfox the frontrunner-they-don’t-want by making him sign a mafia-style "loyalty" pledge to the GOP. He signed it, no problem. And why not? The Republican Party isn’t exactly the Sopranos. What are they going to do if he breaks the pledge anyway? Break his thumbs?

But we digress. The topic of the Politico article is Trump's running mate.

In return, the geniuses behind this idea have now forced every other GOP contender to vow support for Trump if he wins the nomination—along with whoever he chooses as his running mate. Which begs a fun and fascinating question: Just who would that running mate be?

You gotta check this one out, just to find out the odds of a Trump/Jesse Ventura ticket.

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