Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Update on LD2 candidates for state legislature

The LD2 Senate race gets the spotlight. The incumbent Democratic State Senator Andrea Dalessandro is being challenged in the 2016 general election by former candidate for Congress (CD2), Republican Shelley Kais. Kais filed her candidacy on September 4th. So far, there are no primary challengers for either candidate; that is, none have filed as of September 7th.

On the House side, Democratic candidates are incumbent Rosanna Gabaldon and Aaron Baumann. Chris Ackerley is the Republican incumbent.

Links to information about the candidates:

How to monitor candidates on the Secretary of State web site

You can go to the web site, www.azsos.gov, and then click various menus. However, here is the
direct link to the Candidate Database

On the right hand side, make sure to select Election Year: 2016 and Race Type: Legislative.
The result will be sorted by last name of the candidates. You can zero in on LD2 by sorting by Office (click on the column title). Then scroll down to "Senator Dist 2".

You can use the same software and look for "Rep Dist 2" to find out about candidates for LD2 House.

Once you find the Office of interest to you, click on the name of the candidate to obtain information about filings, expenditures, income, etc.

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