Sunday, October 4, 2015

Catching up with Carly: How to build a campaign based on lies

The Daily Star/ carried this piece about Carly Fiorina's persistent lies about Planned Parenthood. She continues to make claims about a video that does not exist. And the one that does exist contains footage doctored by an an ti-abortion group.

Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has spent the last two weeks repeating an erroneous description of videos secretly recorded by anti-abortion activists. That seems bound to continue as she makes her opposition to Planned Parenthood a centerpiece of her 2016 campaign.

Campaigning in South Carolina on Friday, Fiorina said she "absolutely" stands by her criticism of Planned Parenthood. She accused the women's health organization — it's also the nation's largest abortion provider — of pushing "propaganda" against her while being "aided and abetted by the media."

Fiorina has brushed off the facts surrounding her claim as a "technicality." Planned Parenthood, meanwhile, survived this week the latest attempt of conservatives in Congress to cut off its federal funding and accused her of lying.

Question: So why is Fiorina continuing her lies?

Recent polling suggests Fiorina's criticism of Planned Parenthood is out of step with the wider electorate but in line with conservatives. Pew Research Center found in a Sept. 22-27 poll that 60 percent of adults in the U.S. wanted a budget deal to maintain funding for Planned Parenthood. But among Republicans, 66 percent said any budget deal must eliminate the money — 78 percent among those who identify as "conservative Republicans."

Answer: It sells well to 78% of her base, the "conservative Republicans." So she continues her campaign in which she dismisses the truth as a "technicality."

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