Sunday, October 4, 2015

Daily Trumpeter: DCSRA club member exposes Trump

Paul McCreary's "opinion extra" was featured in this morning's GV News. It's a good read. Here is how he begins.

There may be no word that adequately describes Donald Trump. Sigmund Freud would be lost. He is, at the least, a narcissistic, bloviating megalomaniac bully with delusions of grandeur.

And here is the conclusion.

I am still grasping for words that capture the essence of the man who wants to Make America Great Again, and who would be our main ambassador to, and negotiator with, the world. Horrendous? Contemptible? Sociopathic? The very latest is that he is accusing people of seeking publicity. Try to comprehend that irony. The man must be exposed. He must be stopped. Because he is terrible.

Paul McCreary is a retired from education in Michigan and owns and operates a bed and breakfast in Colorado. He lives in Green Valley. The McCrearys, Paul and Becky, are members of DCSRA and participants in the Wednesday Discussion Group.

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