Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fox News addicts are "pod people"

Almost to the day, over a year ago I blogged about how there is good scientific research on what Faux Non-news does to the minds of its addicts. They cease to be rational thinking persons. They abandon their identities and embrace absurd ideas - and defend the indefensible with mental garbage. They know the truth even though what they claim is a mish-mash of half truths and outright lies. And they are fed a mental diet of propaganda by Fox.

You really need to read the whole Daily Kos post about this because I just cannot do it justice here. It is a sad tale of how Fox News has created a schism among American families and within the body politic.

I will say that I sympathize with the author because I have come off another few days of having Fox News addicts camped out in my living room. (They suffered from withdrawal, I assume, because I will not allow Fox News to be played in my house.) With Fox News addicts, there is no compromise. There is no common ground. Gummint is bad. End of story.

Here are snippets from the Daily Kos post. The writer laments the loss of rational contact with her parents.

The point of this long-winded rant is that THESE ARE NOT MY PARENTS. These are pod people. Hate-filled, fearful, bigoted, willfully ignorant pod people.

Their level of discourse, their understanding of the issues of the day has declined steadily over the years as they have watched Fox's daily propaganda. And their belief that they are the only ones who know the "real truth" has increased proportionately. Obviously, this has been exacerbated by a more virulent racism than I was aware of, but the tone of Fox "News" encourages and blesses latent racism and acts as a hothouse for it grow larger.

Fox news IS propaganda, very dangerous propaganda. The harm it has done and continues to do cannot be overstated.

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