Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GOP debate watch: How Bush can settle Trump's insults

Trump insults just about everyone: "low energy" directed at male competitors (Bush and Carson), and remarks about menstruation and personal appearance directed at females (Kelly and Fiorina). The targets of those remarks often seem at a loss for how to respond.

The historical solution to matters of honor has been the duel. Here is a proposal for Wednesday's Republican debate in a New Republic story.

A modest proposal, then, for the remaining GOP debates: Make them open-carry. And if (or when) Trump insults Jeb or any of the others, settle the dispute at once at 20 paces. The two combatants would of course have to agree on weapons and seconds, but this could be arranged through the same negotiations that go into making up the rules for the debates. (As a bonus, this would also provide a test for Trump’s self-proclaimed mastery of the art of the deal.) Depending on how good a shot he proves to be, this might be the only way that Trump can be defeated on his own terms, allowing the reminder of the debates to edge into actual policy arenas.

Even the NRA can get on board with this one.

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