Thursday, October 1, 2015

Government shutdown avoided with help of Democrats in the House

Following snippets are from the NY Times breaking news report.

With only hours to spare on the last day of the fiscal year, Congress approved a temporary spending measure to avert a shutdown and keep the federal government operating through Dec. 11.

A sigh of relief is not warranted. The deep divisions amongst the GOPlin clans remain and none of the GOP appears ready to do business with the Obama administration.

In the House, the measure was approved only because of strong support by Democrats — a sign of just how angry rank-and-file Republicans remain over their powerlessness to force policy changes on the Obama administration.

Ultimately, the internal Republican fight over the bill and how strongly to confront the White House cost John A. Boehner his job as speaker. Mr. Boehner’s resignation announcement last week essentially assured Democratic support for the measure. But the temporary spending bill does nothing to resolve the core disputes between Republicans and the White House, setting up even bigger battles in the months ahead.

Senator Harry Reid forecast an even bigger, more bitter battle in the weeks ahead.

Mr. Reid warned that the fight over raising the federal debt ceiling would be more urgent than the spending fight. "We all know that in a matter of weeks unless we act the United States will lose its ability to pay its bills," he said. "If you think shutting the government down is bad, and I do, it pales in comparison to the government defaulting on all its debts."

We've been there, done that. And it seems we will be doing it again.

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