Thursday, October 1, 2015

In the concert hall of public opinion: Planned Parenthood more popular than its GOP enemies

Despite everything, the GOP attacks, the bogus videotape, the Carly Fiorina lies, despite it all, Planned Parenthood gets a standing ovation. Steve Benen (MSNBC/Rachel Maddow) reviews the rising popularity of PP and notes that PP is now more popular than either political party.

Over the summer, Republican policymakers crafted a plan they were very excited about. Taking advantage of highly edited, controversial videos, GOP officials would create a Planned Parenthood "scandal," tear down the health care organization’s reputation, strip its public funding, and launch investigations to uncover Planned Parenthood wrongdoing.

Republicans were quite confident the whole gambit would be awesome.

Clearly, however, things have not gone according to plan. Congress is poised to pass a spending bill that leaves Planned Parenthood funding intact. States keep launching investigations into the health organization’s operations, and those investigations keep coming up empty.

Adding insult to injury, the latest NBC News poll shows public support for Planned Parenthood going up, not down, over the summer – to the point that the group is now far more popular than both of the major political parties. Other recent polling has offered similar results.

Deservedly so.

The GOP keeps doing the same thing. (1) They manufacture a scandal based on flimsy or bogus evidence (if any at all). (2) They expend legislative time and taxpayer money in endless committee hearings that go nowhere. (3) They suffer politically for having done so. (4) Go to (1) and repeat. Pick your favorite metaphor. Banging their collective head against a brick wall. Einstein's reputed definition of insanity.

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