Friday, October 23, 2015

My message from Ann Kirkpatrick

I get lots of email asking for financial support for various causes and candidates. Here is a recent one from Ann Kirkpatrick, candidate for US Senate.

Growing up, I watched my dad run a small business. Running a general store in the White Mountains of Arizona wasn't easy -- I'm sure. But no matter the challenge -- he met it head on.
I’m fighting hard to keep the government running and to keep the Tea Party’s failures from hurting Arizona families.
Thanks for helping out!

Here are two responses.

  1. I am not George. I never have been George. I know a George - a bunch of Georges, actually, but I am not a George. I hope George can contribute to the campaign.
  2. Two words: Oak. Flat.

Pamela Powers Hannley at Blog for Arizona takes Kirkpatrick to task for her support of the land swap that would allow mining at Oak Flat. Read her post for her reasons. Supporting that mine does not appear to be a motivator for Native American GOTV.

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