Monday, October 19, 2015

Open primaries and dark money disclosure is an unpleasant marriage needing a divorce

The front page of the Daily Star this morning reported on a Republican lawyer's complaints against Paul Johnson's fundraising in support of his push for an open primary initiative. The lawyer accuses Johnson of a failure to report his sources of funding. Moreover, voters already rejected open primaries. So why is Terry Goddard's campaign for disclosure of dark money sources getting glued to Johnson's unrelated moves?

This last Saturday at the meeting of the Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area (DCSRA) Goddard and Felecia Rotellini (2014 candidate for AG) reviewed the impact of dark money in an election (Rotellini) and the proposed referendum that would force disclosure of dark money sources in AZ. These are brilliant well-intentioned people whose arguments are compelling and stand on their own merits. There is no need to piggy-back a dark money referendum on anything Johnson does.

AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona agrees.

This proposed marriage of convenience has to end. Terry Goddard needs to disassociate himself and his "dark money disclosure" initiative — something Arizona needs — from Paul Johnson and his Open Primaries Arizona ("top two" electoral system) initiative, something Arizonans have already rejected and should do so again. Goddard can’t claim to be opposed to dark money when he is working with an organization that accepts dark money. Go your separate ways.

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