Monday, October 12, 2015

Quote of the week on the renewed push for a flat tax

"We’ll just increase sales tax, on certain items." - AZ State Rep. Darin Mitchell, Chair of the AZ House Ways and Means Committee.

Looks like this is the guy who will lead Il Duce's campaign to rid the state of its revenue (aka eliminate the state income tax). Here is the short version (from the Tax Justice blog).

Plans to eliminate the state income tax in Arizona continue, with State Rep. Darin Mitchell telling officials that the push will come during the next legislative session. Mitchell, who chairs the Arizona House Ways and Means Committee, says the current strategy is to fight for a flat income tax that can be slowly eliminated over time: "We want to go to a flat tax next year, and then, maybe over the next five or six years we’ll ratchet down the collection until it no longer exists. We’ll just increase sales tax, on certain items."

"Certain items"? Like food, maybe?

Mitchell expects that Gov. Doug Ducey, who ran for election on a platform of eliminating the income tax, will support his plan. Were Mitchell’s plan to actually go forward, tax fairness in Arizona would become much worse. According to ITEP’s Who Pays? report, Arizona has the 8th most unfair tax system in the country, and the bottom 20 percent pay almost three times as much in taxes as a share of their income as do the top one percent.

Check out other commentary on this nutty idea at Blog for Arizona, for example, today's post by Craig McDermott.

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