Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reactions to "ASU study backs Ducey school trust land plan"

The ASU study was originally reported in this blog Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Reaction from State Sen. Steve Farley

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Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. Koch Brothers-funded Gov. Doug Ducey has a plan to raid the state land trust fund, endangering its stability in order to avoid paying for our schools out of the money we already have. Now the Koch Brothers-funded Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at ASU has issued a study endorsing the Governor's plan, and says that keeping our land trust well-funded is just 'hoarding" and "rewarding our rich descendants". Wonder what he thinks about the rainy day fund? When did being a fiscal conservative stop being fashionable among conservatives?

Fund our schools NOW out of the money we already have. No gimmicks, no spin, and no sacrificing the well-being of our grandchildren.

Comments at the Arizona Capitol Times

From the Arizona Capitol Times report by Howard Fischer.

Joe Weirather
October 7, 2015 , 10:04 am at 10:04 am
"If education in future generations will be more costly, then why not consume more of its today when it is cheaper?" he writes.
Um, wait. Did he just say, "Stuff’s getting more expensive, so we should stop saving up for future needs and spend our money now?"

Archie Dicksion
October 7, 2015 , 11:10 am at 11:10 am
What a stupid idea. Our dollar gets to be worth less and less each year, so lets spend it all now while it is at its highest value. The fact remains, that once you spend the principal, it can never be replaced except by raising taxes elsewhere. Leave the trust fund alone and make the schools more accountable to the public for what they spend. If they clearly demonstrate they are not wasting their funds and need more then simply raise the taxes to meet those needs at that time. It is called pay as you go not spend now and the rob the tax payer in the future. That is how the federal government got 19 trillion in debt.

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