Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Conservative War on America: What really is behind the GOP war on Planned Parenthood

Here is one possibility presented by our collective memory of my Tuesday (Oct 6) narrative about gun violence. (You did read this blog Tuesday, right? ;)

There are many pressing matters before the Congress. Economic inequality. Affordable health care. Climate change. Endless war. And, of course, gun violence. But the GOP's focus is on Benghazi. Think of the GOP's war on Planned Parenthood as another Benghazi. Another distraction. Another waste of time and taxpayer money. And more detriment to the American people.

And, by the way, the GOP's claim to pro-life about Planned Parenthood is bogus. They love guns and, by extension, are OK with the thousands and thousands of gun-related deaths each and every year.

So the war on Planned Parenthood distracts national attention from the GOP's war on America.

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