Saturday, October 17, 2015

The have nots #2: Jeb's campaign looks more like ??? than !!!

AZBlueMeanie thinks Jeb's run for president is now on a "death watch." To Scriber, it never looked very much alive!

J.E.B.! Bush has been spending money at an enormous burn rate trying to get some traction in the GOP primary. It has been all for naught

BlueMeanie, quoting from the Washington Post:

No more shock and awe, Jeb Bush has become just another guy in a crowded field of presidential aspirants. The former Florida governor spent 86 percent of the money he collected over the past three months, burning through $11.5 million of the $13.4 million that he raised. "He should have (raised) at least $25 million," a major Republican fundraiser told Matea Gold and Philip Rucker.

Jeb’s third quarter report, filed hours before last night’s deadline, showed Bush with less cash on hand right now than Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. The struggling campaign has slashed staff salaries and tried to cut costs in other ways, including requiring the use of cheaper hotels.

In political campaigns, just as in the restaurant business, that cost cutting signals the end. A vicious circle starts in which there is less money with which to deliver your goods and services, and the resulting poor performance brings in less money. The Blue Meanie concludes:

There will be no restoration of the "Bush Dynasty." Watch for donors and campaign staffers to start fleeing to other campaigns in coming weeks. The J.E.B.! Bush campaign has entered the death watch phase.

This is satisfying for those who think GHW used up the family talent.

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