Friday, October 2, 2015

Worth repeating: The scariness of Movement Conservatism

AZBlueMeanie has a lengthy post at Blog for Arizona about authoritarian "Movement Conservatism". Here are opening snippets with the essential point.

Nearly a decade ago, John Dean, who served as White House Counsel under U.S. President Richard Nixon, wrote a book entitled Conservatives Without Conscience. A self-described Goldwater conservative (indeed, Barry Goldwater had planned to collaborate on this book before his death), he railed against the influence of social conservatives and neoconservatives within his party.

John Dean and Barry Goldwater intended the book to be a wake up call, a warning about the rise of extremism and authoritarianism in conservative politics.

The warning largely went unheeded by the Republican Party, the media, and indeed the public. Since the publication of the book, the Republican Party has drifted ever farther rightward into radical extremism. As I have warned you many times, "This is not your father’s GOP."

The Republican Party’s drift into far-right radical extremism is not by happenstance or coincidence. It is due to a decades long, well organized, well financed strategy by "Movement Conservatism."

The Meanie's post continues with a history of Movement Conservatism in the US. Republican stalwarts Goldwater and Eisenhower warned against it. William F. Buckley promoted it. And Ronald Reagan and others facilitated it. It is a good read.

See also my earlier posts on this subject here and here. See also the post below on Kevin McCarthy's admission of the true purpose of the House Benghazi committee.

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