Thursday, November 12, 2015

A shift to the right is not right for our infrastructure needs ...

... but GOP candidates want to give the states the responsibility. Here's the story from Steve Benen at MSNBC/The MaddowBlog.

A little context is probably in order. The Highway Trust Fund, which plays a central role in financing infrastructure projects, is financed through a federal gas tax that hasn’t changed in two decades. The result has been a disaster for much of the country – the resources simply don’t exist anymore to keep up with the nation’s infrastructure needs. U.S. investments have dropped to levels unseen in generations, at least in part because congressional Republicans won’t increase the gas tax.

The story here is that GOP candidates (like Rubio and Santorum) want to drastically slash the gas tax, a move that would make our infrastructure situation even worse.

The idea of a presidential candidate advocating federal disinvestment in American infrastructure may sound ridiculous and regressive – because, well, it is – but Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign also unveiled a transportation plan this week ...

A Rubio administration intends to slash the federal gas tax that finances infrastructure projects by 80%, and then turn over investments "to the states."

In the not-too-distant past, highways and prioritizing American infrastructure was entirely bipartisan. There’s nothing Democratic or Republican about roads, bridges, runways, rail, and ports. But those days are ending – and the GOP line on infrastructure is headed for the right-wing cliff.

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