Saturday, November 28, 2015

Afraid of Islamic terrorists? Try white Christian men with long guns.

Talk is cheap - to produce. But talk can costly - in its consequences. The politicians who pander to the religious right have created an atmosphere in which assassinations can and do happen and acts of terrorism are guaranteed. For example, consider the murder of a medical doctor while attending church services - in a Chrisian church. You can chew on the logic of that one.

Now, in the news, is the invasion of a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs by, apparently, a white man armed with a long gun and carrying (possibly) explosive materials. One police officer and two civilians killed. Many others wounded. The Guardian and the New York Times have the story along with a photo of the "suspect."

After reading either report, check out the post at Blog for Arizona on the sick antics of the staff of AZ Rep. Paul Gosar. Happy Birthday, Paul, from your long-gun supporters.

The Colorado Springs incident is but one of many assaults on abortion clinics. Sara Kliff at has the history and stats.

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