Tuesday, November 24, 2015

American Fascists #1: Donald Trump

Trump wants to create a special force to deport 11 million people. Here's the BlueMeanie's chronicle on Trump and American Fascism.

Donald Trump has been appealing to nativist xenophoia and racism since he entered the GOP primary for president. "The Donald" has proposed a special "deportation force" outside of regular immigration and law enforcement agencies and not subject to any due process of law in the judicial system to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Will these "Trump Troopers" be uniformed in crisply starched brown shirts with a Trump insignia?

Do a Google search for "Trump and fascism" and there have already a disturbing number of articles written about this topic.

Here is just one example from BlueMeanie's long list of Google hits (in the New Republic): Yes, Donald Trump is a fascist. Trump is there quoted: we’re going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago" to monitor Muslims in America.

BlueMeanie concludes.

... Donald Trump is "not funny anymore" because he continues to expand his lead among Tea-Publican base voters in early primary states. A new CBS News polls find Donald Trump leading in Iowa and New Hampshire by sizable margins: In Iowa, he has 30 percent of likely GOP primary voters, to 21 percent for Ted Cruz, 19 for Ben Carson and 11 for Marco Rubio. In New Hampshire, Trump has 32 percent, Rubio has 13 percent, and Cruz and Carson each have 10 percent. Trump also holds a large lead in South Carolina.

Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue who is not even particularly religious, but he is playing the GOP’s Christian Right base who vote in GOP primaries like a fiddle with appeals to their ignorance, intolerance, irrational fear and hatred of "others." He is appealing to Christofascism.

This is what Sinclair Lewis warned Americans about in his satirical It Can’t Happen Here. It can, and it is happening today.

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