Tuesday, November 24, 2015

American Fascists #2: Ben Carson

Here is the Associated Press story on Carson trying to trump Trump (another version was carried in this morning's Daily Star).

Campaigning about an hour west of Las Vegas, Carson said that not only mosques, but schools, supermarkets, car repair shops and "any place where radicalization is going on" should be monitored in light of terrorist threats.
"I would say we use our intelligence and we monitor anything: our mosques, a church, a museum, a supermarket," he said, later adding that monitoring would come after multiple reports or indications of radical activity. "We live in a very different time right now."

As for surveillance, Carson wouldn't elaborate on what increased monitoring would entail. He said he wasn't concerned about violating a person's right to privacy.

"The thing that will destroy our country is if we're overly concerned with violating someone's sensibilities while we allow blatant activity to occur that would violate all of our sensibilities," he said.

Carson might have said it this way: "Let’s stop worrying about people’s rights."

The thing is: both Carson and Trump are just two examples of how the Republican candidates represent the attitudes of the Republican base.

It is indeed happening here and now.

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