Monday, November 9, 2015

Another listing of C-arson-ic mementos

Carson commits oral self immolation - that is, burning down his own campaign by his own stupid statements. Kos bets that Ted Cruz will inherit the most gullible among the masses who got took by Carson. Here are snippets from Daily Kos.

Then this morning, Carson lost his shit in an interview on CNN after they noted their difficulties in finding classmates to corroborate claims in his book of being a murderous psychopath before finding Jesus. Turns out, people thought he was quite charming! But that didn't gel with his redemption story, so he flipped out. Like, hilariously so. And then this came out of his mouth:

What the media does is they try and get you distracted by all this stuff so you don't talk about the things that are important because we have so many important things.

Which is true! Why didn't CNN ask him about ancient Egyptian agrarian policies and architecture? WHY NOT? That was important! What about the role of gun control in the Holocaust? Or how prisons prove that being gay is a choice? Or how the Founding Fathers had never been elected to anything? Or how about those pathetic gun victims at Umpqua who didn't die as heroically as Carson would've? Seriously, the media can't focus on the stuff that is really important (to Ben Carson) in a presidential race!

Then this was a thing that came out of his mouth:

What you all did with President Obama doesn't even come close—doesn't even come close to what you guys are trying to do in my case.

To recap, Obama never suffered anything as bad as a reporter asking Carson's old classmates to corroborate claims made in his book. This, from the crowd that claims that Obama was never vetted, in a universe in which Rev. Wright, the "whitey tape," and that little ol' birth certificate thing never existed.

Moments later, Carson's campaign had to admit that Carson made up shit about being accepted to West Point, because Jesus forgot to tell him about the Ninth Commandment. Bizarrely, Carson bragged about being offered a "full scholarship" to the school. All military academies are free, but he's just as stupid about the military's education system as he is about archeology, science, and everything not related (apparently) to brain surgery.

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