Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ben "The Blade" Carson stabbing experienced questioned, supporters are disillusioned

In another post today I plead for enlightenment: "sometime, someone will explain to me why Carson is suited to be a Republican candidate for the most powerful position on the planet." I now have the answer from The Borowitz Report at the New Yorker.

... a recent University of Minnesota poll showed that a full third of Carson supporters singled out "his stabbing experience" as a top reason for supporting him for the nation’s highest office.

New reports indicating that Ben Carson might not have actually stabbed anyone during his youth have sent the retired neurosurgeon plummeting in the latest Republican Presidential polls.

But that raises another question. If his early experience with blades was not formative, then what motivated his career as a surgeon?

Disclosure: Before posting this on your Facebook page, you might want to take a moment to read Andy Borowitz's short report. Reading a little satire now will save you a big retraction later.

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