Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ducey promises yearly income tax cuts

Did you ever doubt what he would do with the money not spent on education? Here's the short report from the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required).

Gov. Doug Ducey says a law he signed earlier this year indexing income tax rates for inflation was an important first step to his goal of cutting incomes taxes every year he’s in office.

The Republican governor told hundreds of people attending the Arizona Tax Research Association’s outlook conference Friday that indexing rates prevents a "stealth tax increase" that can hit people when they get a raise.
He vowed to continue making targeted tax cuts in the coming year.

The governor will have cash in the bank for cuts even as he asks voters to approve a new school funding plan in May that mainly uses state land trust cash.

That is, Dicey Ducey is robbing the kids of the future to effect a transfer payment to the wealthy..

The Legislature’s top budget analyst told the group the state will have a $555 million surplus as of July 1.

So Il Duce could have paid the education debt from the surplus and had money to spare.

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