Friday, November 6, 2015

Move toward privatization threatens public lands

Here are a couple of snippets to motivate your reading of this editorial in the Daily Star by Sandy Bahr (director for the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter).

For more than a century, Arizona’s beautiful landscapes have been a spiritual beacon to the rest of the nation and even the world. From Grand Canyon to Saguaro and beyond, national parks and public lands are central to our state’s identity. However, because Congress allowed the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to expire on September 30, more of our natural treasures are now at risk.

The LWCF provides important protections to public lands and national parks, including Saguaro National Park, and is funded entirely by offshore oil and gas fees — not taxpayer money. So why, knowing this, did Republican lawmakers let it expire this year? Because their billionaire benefactors, the Koch brothers, hope to privatize and profit off of our public lands.

The American Fascists feast on our commons. Their appetite is boundless. Correction: the bound on their appetite is 100% privatization of everything.

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