Thursday, November 12, 2015

On the evolution of Democracy: Demagocracy, Theocracy, and Idiocracy has a semi-funny piece comparing our Democracy to the future described in the movie Idiocracy. Be warned. The author is not kind to the Republican candidates and the GOP, and neither is he much kinder to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. On the other hand, if you are a Bernie fan, you will love this one. Snippets about the Republicans follow.

Watching the debate last night, it’s hard to keep your head from exploding from the accumulation of outrage and consternation at the utter stupidity of a third of our fellow citizens, who swallow this bunk.

But the sheep-like passivity of the rest is no less infuriating. The whole political scene looks like it came straight from the cult film, Idiocracy.

For those who aren’t familiar with Idiocracy, the movie depicts a society five centuries from now in which the average IQ has plummeted due to the breeding habits of the bright (very few kids, late in life), and the not-so-bright (many kids starting in their teens). Combined with rampant commercialism, a dysfunctional government, and extreme anti-intellectualism, the world is crumpling, and people are facing starvation because one of the major corporations – Brawndo, the thirst annihilator – has convinced people to use it instead of water to irrigate crops.

Republican Policies – Watering with Brawndo: When one of the time travelers tries to explain that "watering" crops with Brawndo is what’s killing them, he’s confronted with a mindless mantra: "Brawndo. It’s got what plants crave … it’s got electrolytes." So the people’s go-to strategy for crops that are dying from Brawndo is … more Brawndo. Sort of like the Republican’s unholy trinity of policies -- supply-side; trickle-down; and perennial war to fix ... well … whatever ails you.

And after last night’s debate, it turns out Idiocracy was not so much a prophetic parody, as a description of present day politics.

There’s three mind-boggling things about this phenomena.

First, the policies Republicans have been advocating for the last 30 years have almost universally had the opposite effect their proponents claim. They haven’t ever worked. Ever. They are economic and scientific Brawndo.

Second, the people who are most harmed by this counterfactual, anti-science, empirically disproven, corporate claptrap are the very ones who support the corporate-owned candidates who spew it. They repeat the sound bites with the same knuckle-dragging conviction as those 26th Century idiots defending Brawndo.

Third, the press simply reports this steaming pile of BS like an idiot stenographer, incapable of exposing the plain truth – this Party has been bought -- lock, stock and barrel -- by corporations and its policy prescriptions are literally killing the patient so the corporations might profit. Of course, the press has also been bought and paid for. Welcome to Idiocracy.

For the roles of the Democrats and their candidates in our Idiocracy, you will just have to click on the link and read the rest of the story. But before you head off to read the story, let me provide a word of caution to fellow progressives. (Disclosure: I yearn for Bern!)

The author considers a Clinton candidacy in 2016 and predicts this: "Real progressives will stay home in droves, just as they did in 2014, and the rabid right-wing 30% will show up, mindlessly repeating discredited mantras as they pull the lever that will screw themselves and the rest of us, too." If that happens, before that happens, remember and be instructed by two things. (1) Progressives stayed home in 1968 and we got Nixon. (2) Arizona progressives stayed home in 2014, at least 167 of them did, and we got McSally and her million dollar war chest. I strongly suggest that progressives prove that they can learn from experience by voting and voting Democratic.

Now you can read the article.

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