Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Continental's override loses by 23 votes"

It is tempting to conclude that the loss was due to the negative coat-tails of the Pima County bond vote. But this has happened before. The override was not about more money - it was merely about maintaining what voters already approved. This defeat is about the clearest signal I can imagine about the AZ voters' priorities. Education is not one of them.

Four Republican groups sponsored a "forum" in Quail Creek on the propositions. I was told that the Continental School override got blasted. The issue was the few dollars a month to renew the override. The few dollars already paid. The few dollars labeled as "socialism."

I will bet that the override lost because of the vote in Precinct 84 - mainly the affluent Quail Creek.

Effing cheapskates.

Here is the report from GV News.

The final ballot tally from Tuesday's election confirms that Continental Elementary School District's request for a budget override failed by the narrowest of margins.

The override, Proposition 434, lost by just 23 votes, 5,675 to 5,652.

The proposition was down 82 votes Saturday, with 3,000 to 4,000 votes yet to be tabulated. By Sunday afternoon, Continental learned a continuation of its 15 percent maintenance and operation budget override had failed to pass.

So now Continental takes a hit from the local voters as well as from the state and fed.

The existing override will be phased out by one-third starting in fiscal year 2017-18. Approval would have meant the district would have about $515,000 for another seven years, which it says offsets state and federal reductions.

We just got a little closer to winning the race to the bottom.

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