Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Panel stops state employee payroll deductions to charitable organizations

Fact-checking myself: Partly true. Not all such organizations are on that block. Just a couple of ones that don't jive with Il Duce's politics.

Here's the essence of the story from Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required).

A panel of hand-picked gubernatorial appointees has blocked state employees from making payroll deductions to Planned Parenthood.

Gubernatorial press aide Daniel Scarpinato said Tuesday the move was made after committee members decided the organization was too "controversial" to be on the authorized list of hundreds of charities available to state workers.

Scarpinato denied that the move has anything to do with the governor’s personal opposition to abortion. But he said Ducey "supports the decision" of the panel.

It wasn’t just Planned Parenthood that got the boot. The Ducey-appointed committee also removed the Clinton Global Initiative from the approved list. It has been involved in addressing issues ranging from global health and childhood obesity to opportunities for girls and women and climate change.

What "charitable" organizations remain on the list? Here's one.

... employees can give to Alliance Defending Freedom, an openly anti-abortion public interest law firm that has gone to court to defend various efforts by state lawmakers to restrict the rights of women to terminate a pregnancy. In fact, in the SECC listing, ADF is defined as "a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth in areas of religious liberty, family values, and sanctity of life."

Scarpinato, however, said the governor sees no reason ADF should not be on the approved list.

"You’re trying to put that in the same category as two organizations that have been constantly in the news for controversial and political activity," he said. Scarpinato said it would be "silly" to compare ADF to either Planned Parenthood or the Clinton Global Initiative.

Of course Crapinato would push the conservative propaganda. So what does his boss Il Duce think?

Most of the members of the panel that made the decision are department heads appointed — and capable of being fired — by Ducey. Scarpinato said the governor himself does not sit on the panel but does have a designee.

But he said Ducey has no qualms about the move.

"The governor believes this is the right decision to make," Scarpinato said.

This is what happens when we give the conservatives control of the levers of governmental power. Among other travesties, they get to redefine concepts like "political activity" in ways that suit themselves.

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