Sunday, November 8, 2015

Posts on economic inequality and governmental inexperience

Scriber is on vacation this morning. Just to keep your Democratic juices flowing, I recommend two posts at Blog for Arizona.

Inequality watch: A message to the top 1%

Bob Lord has a letter to the top 1%, takes on their equality of opportunity narrative and asks them a good question.

So faced with the choice between true equal opportunity and a less extreme inequality of outcome, what would be your pick?

Behind Door Number One, a world of true equality of opportunity and extreme inequality of outcome, sits a private jet for you, with the risk your children might wind up poor.

Behind Door Number Two, a mid-20th century level of inequality of opportunity and outcome, sits no private jet for you. But you do get a seat in first-class, along with the comfort of knowing your children will enjoy financial security even if they don’t have the ability to create it for themselves.

Despite your rhetoric, wouldn’t you really prefer Door Number 2?

Check out Lord's post for the rest of his letter to the 1%..

Why we are in headed for the same fate as Rome

Michael Bryan explains the Roman system of governance in which candidates for the top spot climbed an experiential ladder. That system, the Cursus Honorum, was formal and institutionalized. Our system has had a less formal version but one nevertheless effective, electing legislators or military leaders to our top spot. Until now. The current crop of GOP candidates are either looney as hell (outsiders desired by the GOP base) or have the governmental experience but lack the craziness to gin up the masses.

The one comment from conservative "Steve" is interesting. He hints at other parallels between the US and Rome.

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