Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Quote of the [yester]day

The quote is from Greg Sargent's Morning Plum in the Washington Post on the persisting candidacies of Trump and Carson.

As GOP consultant Steve Schmidt has put it: "Anybody who thinks Donald Trump cannot be the Republican nominee is smoking something."

The Republican establishment hopes Trump and Carson will sputter out. But the more pompous (Trump) and/or the more ridiculous (Carson) pronouncements have done nothing to reduce their commanding leads in the polls.

Chris Cillizza delivered the bad news to Republicans over the weekend, noting that the holiday season now starts, which means less voter interest, which in turn means that the dynamic of the moment might be frozen in place when the voting starts:

In virtually every national poll of Republican voters, Carson and Trump not only lead the rest of the field by a wide margin, but also combine to take well north of 50 percent of the total vote. Carson is the favorite in Iowa, while Trump remains the front-runner in the New Hampshire primary….

Put simply: Any Republican who tells you that Trump and/or Carson are a fad who will fade before Iowa is engaging in the most wishful of thinking. It’s a near-certainty at this point that the top tier going into Iowa will look almost exactly like it does today — Carson and Trump at the top, with Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) inching upward.

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