Thursday, November 12, 2015

The truth according to Ben Carson

Carson sent out a fundraising email trying to cash in on the media's reporting about his own assertions about his background. The email defended the Carson's comparison between his treatment by the medias and Obama's coverage. Here's the short story from Daily Kos.

Talking Points Memo has a priceless Carson fundraising email:

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve seen that the media is in full attack mode. They’ve been tracking down and interviewing my childhood friends and even accusing me of fabricating parts of my personal history.

Tracking down and interviewing your childhood friends … who are unable to back up the parts of your personal history in question, which is where the feeling that maybe you fabricated some stuff comes into play. ...

[But for Carson] "the truth" is defined as "what Ben Carson chooses to say is true," and not as, y’know, what’s supported by any other witness or documentation.

The thing is, a lot of Republican politicians would say all this but know in their heart of hearts that it was total bull. With Carson, though, you get the feeling that he really believes it, because in his mind, only things that happen to him matter, and only his point of view is reliable. He’s not just the center, but nearly the totality of the universe he’s able to perceive. Only things that happen to Ben Carson matter to Ben Carson. If he was just some incredibly self-absorbed individual, it would be comical. But a lot of Republican voters are nodding along with this email—and with the rest of Carson’s pronouncements. That’s scary.

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