Sunday, December 6, 2015

A village idiot is on the loose ...

... or is it a village of idiots?

GV News Editor Dan Shearer blisters Donald Trump and his followers in a scathing editorial. Just for starters:

Donald Trump is an idiot.

And if GOP voters nominate him, they risk being lumped in with him.

There are a lot of slow politicians, but Trump has quickly risen to the top with a series of comments that I used to think were put out there for the attention. Now I think he actually believes what he’s saying, and I’m not sure which is worse.

Check out the editorial for examples of Trump's idiocy. Here is how Dan wraps it up.

The truth is that Trump — a reality TV star — knows what pushes our buttons and tells people exactly what they want to hear, how they want to hear it. My guess is that most of his supporters know as little about national security, immigration and the economy as he does.

What's the evidence on the village?

As you twist and turn the CNN poll results, though, Trump trounces everybody in all areas except one. Those polled who have college degrees put Ted Cruz in front (22%), followed by Ben Carson and Marco Rubio (both 19%) and Trump at 18%.

No college degree: Trump (46%), Cruz (12%) Carson (11%) and Rubio (8%).

College doesn’t make you smart or better informed. But it does mean you’re more likely to vote — those with some college or a bachelor’s and up are far more likely to turn out on Election Day. That’s good news when it comes to Trump.

We’re still in the carnival-barker part of the GOP nomination process, and nobody can outdo Trump. But as the primaries get under way, let’s hope common sense takes hold regardless of education level and voters send this guy back to his creepy world of trash TV.


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