Thursday, December 10, 2015

Daily Trumpeter: Trump, Hitler, and Fascism

AZBlueMeanie has a good summary of the comparisons of Donald Trump and his campaign to Hitler and fascism.

How has it come to this in this country? That the current front-runner contender for the Republican nomination for president is freely and openly accused by the media and his fellow American citizens of running a fascist campaign? And he is “winning!” as Charlie Sheen would say.

First of all, Donald Trump has not said anything that the propagandists on conservative hate talk radio have not been saying for decades. The same holds true for FAUX News and conservative publications and web sites. Trump is simply reading from their old scripts.

Trump’s comments do not shock or offend the average listener of conservative hate talk radio and FAUX News because they have been conditioned to be receptive to the message. When Trump parrots what conservatives have been hearing for years and have been conditioned to accept, he is simply reaffirming their own set of beliefs. This is a critical factor in how voters identify with a candidate.

Donald Trump is simply a manifestation of the insidious cancer that is the conservative media entertainment complex, the Mighty Wurlitzer of far-right conspiracy theories, paranoia, and conservative tribalism built upon a foundation of ignorance, intolerance, fear and hatred of “others.”

Secondly, the outrageous things Trump says is what a majority of GOP voters actually believe. Greg Sargent of The Washington Point has been driving this point home for months now based upon issue polling that shows the vast majority of GOP voters agree with Trump’s xenophobic anti-immigrant “Mass Deportation Party” rhetoric.

BlueMeanie covers a lot of published polling data, from Greg Sargent's post and others, on that second point

The media want to portray Donald Trump as an aberration, an outlier in the Republican Party. This narrative is entirely false. Donald Trump is the natural product of movement conservativism, which has supplanted traditional Republican values, and incorporates many elements of fascism. Trump is a master at manipulating the conservative media entertainment complex that feeds movement conservatives.

The Republican Party over many years created the environment in which it was possible for a Donald Trump to exist and to thrive. The problem is not Donald Trump — there are many others like him ready to step into his shoes — but rather the radical extremism of Republican Party base voters, fueled by the propogandists of the conservative media entertainment complex. This is a far greater, and more dangerous problem than Donald Trump that threatens the future of our democracy.

Interestingly, conservative commenter "Steve" concurs.

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