Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Government shutdown seems imminent

In the midst of a terror alert, the Goofy Old Patriarchs are at it again, passing another repeal of Obamacare (DOA) and trying to defund Planned Parenthood, and, on top of all that, affirming the rights of terrorists to buy instruments of slaughter (aka guns). What they are not doing, and, according to AZBlueMeanie, are unlikely to do is keep the government functioning beyond this Friday, Dec. 11. See the Meanie's post for events leading to his conclusion:

I have little confidence that GOP congressional leaders can get their Kabuki theater bills to the president to be vetoed and veto override votes held this week before Congress has enough time to get serious about crafting a clean spending bill without Tea Party riders that the President can sign.

Too many Tea-Publicans are invested in their government shutdown fantasy of blaming President Obama in this political season. They have no interest in good governance. It is always about providing GOPropaganda grist for the conservative media entertainment complex.

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