Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jeb Bush will support Donald Trump for President ...

... even though Bush thinks Trump is not a serious candidate and as president would be "dangerous". Here's the scoop from Bloomberg News (reprinted in this morning's Daily Star).

With Donald Trump continuing to boost his standing in national polls, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sharply criticized the Republican front-runner on Wednesday, saying his election as president would be a "dangerous thing" for the country.

"This lack of seriousness is a serious problem for our country," he said. "If a guy, as a capable as he is as a politician, became president, has no clue what he's doing, that's a dangerous thing."

So what will Jeb do?

Bush said he'd support Trump, should Republicans pick him as their party's candidate. "I've pledged to support the nominee, but I have total confidence that the Republican primary voters are not going to support Donald Trump as the nominee," he said.

Well, so far the Republican voters are quite happy with Trump.

Are you still thinking a Trump presidency is out of the question? Scriber predicts that the GOPlin chiefs will hop on board with Trump the Triumphant. With Jeb leading the way.

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