Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quote of the day: Condensed to a single word - suckers

The Quote: "Any of Arizona’s “education leaders” who still believe that the Arizona legislature is going to provide public education more funding should resign now." - AZBlueMeanie in today's Blog for Arizona.

Arizona has once again made the national news. This time it is the appointment of raving Tea Partier Sylvia Allen to chair the AZ Senate Education Committee. BlueMeanie reports.

No one in their right mind would ever appoint Senator Sylvia Allen chair of the Senate Education Committee. But then no one believes that Senate President Andy Biggs is in his right mind. He is an ideological extremist, nothing more.

For Arizona’s “education leaders” who thought that your settlement of the education funding inflation adjustment lawsuit, Cave Creek Unified School District, et al . v. Ducey, was going to be a “first step” to further address education funding in Arizona, this is a clear signal just how badly you misjudged the Tea-Publican Arizona legislature. Prop. 123 in the May special election is all you are going to get (if the voters approve).


The Daily Kos has the scoop on Allen (h/t BlueMeanie).

Tea party stalwart Sylvia Allen, who first became a state senator in Arizona (and a national embarrassment) in 2008, has been made chairwoman of the Senate committee handling education legislation. The Phoenix New Times calls her a “professional fruitcake.”

Allen is known for a string of bizarre and racist remarks as well as an attachment to conspiracy theories. For example, she believes the Earth is just 6,000 years old, a view held by some fundamentalist Christians but rejected by scientists and many Bible scholars. She also believes “chemtrails” are poisoning us and that “Agenda 21” is a plot to surrender U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations ...

During her senate career, Allen has pushed for uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, backed state funding of a militia run by the neo-Nazi J.T. Ready to guard the Arizona-Mexico border, opposed Medicaid expansion, suggested only half-jokingly that mandatory church attendance be imposed, encouraged an anti-semitic Holocaust denier to testify before the state senate, rejected mandating reduced carbon emissions and denied that humans are causing climate change. In 2011, she supported eliminating health-care coverage of 280,000 Arizonans, saying that people should do more to take care of their health and thus avoid having to see a doctor. “This isn’t the only time in our history when people had to choose between food and medicine,” Allen said.

Arizona Republicans don’t seem the slightest bit distressed by Allen’s crazed flakiness. Indeed, they appear determined to promote it by promoting her. And now she’s in a position to spread it to every schoolchild in the state. At least we now know what the Arizona GOP actually stands for: Goobers on Parade.

And the campaign to sell Proposition 123 has not even started yet. Doozey and his minions will be working hard to convince the voters to make Ducey's Choice - pay education 72% now or preserve the state land trust for the future. The state education leaders bought into the 72% now. The state treasurer is trying to preserve the land trust principal. But this is a false choice manufactured by the Guv. Revenues are up and there is enough slush in the state's coffers to pay education what is owed. But that is not what the Goobers want. Stay tuned for tax breaks.

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