Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Resolutionary ideas in 2016 for "cognitively deprived conservatives"

Paul Buchheit writing at commondreams.org offers five New Years resolutions for conservatives.

  1. Accept that Poverty Causes Marital Problems, Not the Other Way Around
  2. Learn that Democratic Socialism Does Not Mean Government Control
  3. Understand that Capitalism Has No Incentive to Work for Poor People
  4. Admit that You're Scaring the Hell out of the Public to Support Your War-Happy Ways
  5. Stop Saying Corporations Have an "Insane Tax Burden"

I'll give you #4 for free. You'll have to read his article for the rest.

A Fox News analyst called ISIS "the single biggest threat in [America’s] 200-year history." The national news media has driven Americans to a frenzy of fear, leaving more and more of them to express their concerns about terrorism, even though we're all more likely to get shot by a toddler than a terrorist.

The Air Force is dropping so many bombs on Muslim countries that companies like Boeing are gearing up for increased weaponry sales, as stock prices for weapons manufacturers keep surging. Our nation continues to build up the stock of arms around the world. In 2014 alone arms sales increased 35 percent, to $36.2 billion.

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