Monday, December 7, 2015


The Arizona Classroom Last Initiative Council

David Safier at TucsonWeekly/TheRange trashes Il Duce's "plans" for "education." (I had to put both those terms in quotes because I couldn't decide which was fictional.)

We should pay our teachers more, Governor Ducey says, so long as it doesn’t cost the state any new money.

We’re getting little bursts of information out of Ducey’s Classroom First Initiative Council about proposals they plan to make to the governor, and the bursts often sound pretty good. The council makes all kinds of pro-public education noises in its pronouncements, and pro-underprivileged kids noises as well. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. Their ideas come out in dribs and drabs with few details because the details are going to mean a radical shift in education spending, moving more funds toward the haves, toward charter schools and toward vouchers, which will mean less money for everyone else. Don't expect to see the council's package of proposals in any detail for awhile. Better people don't have the opportunity to do the math and complain about the inequities built into the new system until it's too late.

It's the GOPlin version of transparency.

Why should we follow David into pessimism? For example:

The council says it wants more money for teacher salaries [but] it will only happen if voters agree to take money from the state land trust funds instead of the current budget surplus so Ducey can use the money lying around in the state coffers to give his buddies the tax breaks he promised them. And if all that happens and schools get what they’re owed—or, actually, 70 percent of what they’re owed—Ducey wants to tell them how to spend that money which already belongs to them.

Read the rest of David's article here.

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