Thursday, December 3, 2015

When will GOP candidates act like human beings?

This morning the Daily Star's editorial documented the inhuman responses from the GOP presidential candidates.

When news broke last week about a shooter at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, most Americans responded appropriately. Republicans running for president aren’t most Americans.

GOP contenders waited a few days as their campaign advisers ran the political calculus. The math wasn’t easy since the candidates themselves had spent months promoting a toxic environment for women’s health.

Most Americans act like human beings when yet another shooting occurs. We feel compassion for the victims and wonder what we might do to prevent future tragedies. We grieve for a time, and then we move on, diminished by the loss of life and the knowledge that another shooting will happen someday because our leaders lack the courage to act.

But the GOP contenders were not acting like human beings. Check out the editorial for examples.

Republican candidates did not put a gun in the shooter’s hand. They did not explicitly call for violence. But they did demonize a women’s health organization whose main business is providing health-care screenings, not abortions. They fired up the Christian right and encouraged an environment in which someone could justify violence as a means of stopping the sale of "baby parts."

True leaders, those who would be president, should not deny responsibility for their role in a tragedy, no matter how unintended. They should own up, admit their mistake, and pledge to do better.

Right. And Ben Carson will go to work for Planned Parenthood. And Trump will create an endowment for children orphaned by mass shootings.

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