Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another view: The case for Prop 123

My slogan "1,2,3,Tax Breaks for Me" was aimed at stingy legislators and a conniving Governor. Between the two, I believe, the intent is to spend the state's general fund on more tax breaks that should have been spent on public education. The dodge built into the deal raids the state land trust which provides funds for education in the future in order to provide the flexibility to execute the tax breaks. So I remain convinced that 123 is a very bad deal.

However, there is another side to this. The case for Prop 123 emphasizes the financial starvation diet the legislature has inflicted upon public education for years with result that funding of Arizona schools puts the state at 49th in the nation. Those advocating passage of 123 sincerely believe that this is the best deal possible and that it is a first step toward bending the curve on education funding. To be fair, I am referencing a cross-post by Linda Lyon appearing at Blog for Arizona this morning. She provides a graphic that has the arguments for voting "yes" on Prop 123.

But it remains Ducey's Choice. My view is no matter how you vote, and no matter how Prop 123 fares, our schools will get shorted sometime - either now or in the future. And the choice was not necessary given the state's surplus revenue.

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