Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another view: Governor Hoocey's first year in review

The right wing echo machine is heaping praise on Doug Ducey's first year in office. My nomination for his biggest accomplishment, of course, is the deal he struck between the deadbeat legislature and state educational groups to fund education out of education's own money. That deal, Ducey's Choice, requires the voters' approval for its constitutional change enabling more money to be pumped from future education funding into the present.

Donna Greathouse at Blog for Arizona takes exception to the congratulations. She observes:

... it’s fascinating to watch the Arizona Villagers insist that everything is just peachy under Governor Hoover, I mean Ducey. That education deal? Ignore how it requires voter approval and even then keeps the state at the bottom of the nation in education funding! That budget? Well, I guess it’s only “harsh” if you are one of those poor children whining about how your family’s assistance got cut. Or how the abuse or neglect you are suffering isn’t being addressed. If you are a disconnected (meaning not employed or attending school) young person between 16 and 24 in one of our urban areas, then you must not have a full appreciation of government at the speed of business, or something.

I know, I’m being such a negative nabob. Just keep repeating “Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner!” and it will be true.

Unfortunately, we have no FDR on the horizon who can implement a New Deal for AZ. We are stuck with the modern version of Herbert Hoover, our very own Governor Hoocey.

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