Saturday, January 2, 2016

Candidate watch: Bush's strategy for taking the GOP nomination

The New York Times has a story about the key elements in Jeb's plan to win the nomination. To name a few:

  • Stay on the Attack against front-runners of both parties, especially Trump.
  • Avoid Embarrassment in Iowa by showing in the top five.
  • Win New Hampshire — or at Least Come in the Top 3. "If Mr. Bush can re-energize his troubled campaign in New Hampshire, his aides believe, he can seriously compete in South Carolina, a state where they hope his national security message will resonate." Which brings us to:
  • Woo Senator Lindsey Graham with the pitch that "that he [Bush] was best prepared to be commander-in-chief and most qualified on Mr. Graham’s key issue, national security."

I suspect that whether all that works for Bush depends on the extent to which the GOP generally fears the unhinged right-wing-nuttiness of Trump and Cruz and Rubio - and the absence of any better choice.

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