Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ducey's budget benefits few, harms many

Howard Fischer, in this morning's Daily Star reports on Ducey's budget that was released Friday: "Tight spending throughout Ducey's state budget plan." For example:

Gov. Doug Ducey proposes to restore less than 10 percent of what was cut last year from state universities, give the Department of Child Safety just two-thirds of what it requested, but add another 2,000 beds to house inmates.

But why so tight given the positive revenue picture?

What makes this year’s lean budget proposal noteworthy is that the state actually ended the last fiscal year not in the deficit but with an extra $312 million in the bank.

And revenues this budget year already are running $200 million above estimates.

Remember the promised tax cuts? They're on the way.

Ducey wants to proceed cautiously, noting the state has effectively been living off of borrowed money for the last few years, using accounting gimmicks to achieve a balanced budget as required by the constitution, said press aide Daniel Scarpinato.

But Scarpinato said while Ducey wants to proceed with caution the governor will fulfill his pledge of proposing a tax cut. He said, though, the details of how much — and who benefits — are being worked out with House and Senate Republican leadership.

But it's OK, see? Tax cuts are not new spending. Tax cuts are investments in the new AZ economy. Only GOPlins could believe that one. As Pogo might put it: we have seen Kansas and they is us.

See the next post on Ducey's fogged up vision of Arizona's future.

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